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Tell Me Again, Why Am I Not Using My Insurance Here?

Golden Rule Skin Clinic, PC was created in April 2018. My name is Andrea Chrisman. I have a combined 16 years of Dermatology experience as an RN and Nurse Practitioner. I am grateful for the Dermatologists I have trained under as an employee. And still count on them if needed for consultation or complex surgical cases. After years of seeing patients in clinics, I realized that often the patient was "paying" for an experience that they didn't enjoy. "Paying" with their TIME. Either too much of their time (during long waits in the lobby) or in lack of their time (during brief appointments with providers after that long wait). Many were also "paying" with their MONEY. According to the CDC in 2018, High Deductible Health Insurance (HDHI) increased in Americans between the ages of 18-64 between 2007-2017. The numbers of Americans with HDHI soared from 14.8% to 43.4%. This has been accompanied for many families with rising monthly premiums as well. In 2019, CNBC reported that, "The average premium for family coverage has increased 22% over the last five years and 54% over the last ten years, significantly more than either workers’ wages or inflation".

I dreamed of a day that I could sit down with a patient who wasn't irritated that they had waited an hour in the lobby. That I could sit down with a patient and spend the time they needed to understand the diagnosis and the treatment plan. And to sit down at home with my own kids and not feel completely depleted physically and mentally. I thought about quitting. But I love what I do. So a friend of mine and I began to throw around some ideas. Our ideas led to a plan and our plan lead to a new business model. A model that we call, the Direct Pay Model. Not common in the Midwest or in Rural America, but 100% needed!

At Golden Rule Skin Clinic, PC, you will not need to dig out your insurance card and cross your fingers that it's going to "have your back". You will not need to bring a novel to read while you pass time in the lobby full of people. You will have all of the time you need to ask questions and clearly understand the what and the why of your condition. And you will pay a fraction of the costs of regular healthcare costs. Our average patient cost per visit is probably around $100-$125 total! That includes it all, yes everything. Office visit, diagnosis, treatment, and even biopsy if needed. You still use your insurance for prescriptions. But that is no guarantee either, so we provide you with coupons and assistance wherever and whenever we can!

Please be a part of the change. We can all look for ways to make a New Normal in these times. And we hope visiting us at Golden Rule Skin Clinic, PC will be one of the new normals for you and your family.

Check out our transparent fee schedule at our website. You can also request to book an appointment from the website at


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