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The use of digital technology, such as forms and emails,
to consult, diagnose, treat and educate!
Teledermatology Cost

New Patient Visit


Follow Up / ReCheck Visit


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Conditions that can be treated with Teledermatology:

Rashes - all types
Sweating Conditions
Cold Sores
Poison Ivy
Hair Loss
Nail Conditions

Conditions that can NOT be treated with Teledermatology:

General Skin Exam
Single Concerning Lesion
Skin Checks
Pigmented (colored) Lesion
Skin Tags
Non-Healing Lesion

Your Teledermatology Experience at a Glance!

Complete Enrollment Form

This will include credit card/HSA card information for billing after your appointment is completed.

The Enrollment Form will be “confirmed” by our office within 24 hours.

Start the Visit

Once the enrollment is completed, the patient will see a Welcome Note. In the note there will be 2 additional forms, GENERAL HEALTH HISTORY FORM and TELL US ABOUT YOUR SKIN CONDITION FORM (this will include photo uploads.) These two forms will start the visit.

Further Questions / Treatment

The Patient will then receive an email from their provider, including additional questions (if needed), diagnosis, education, treatment plan, and follow up suggestions.


Credit card or HSA card will be billed at the time communication is sent from provider.

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