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Hyperhidrosis, The Ugly Drip

Droplets can be beautiful. Unless they are dripping from your armpits. Hyperhidrosis is abnormal sweating that is not always related to exercise or heat. You may sweat so much it soaks through your clothes or drips down your sides. It can also effect other areas such as palms, feet, or even stomach or head. It can be devastating to daily activities and cause significant anxiety and embarrassment. You may only wear certain colors that don't show sweat marks or wear layers on a hot day to prevent anyone from noticing. You may get a little nervous about your test or nervous to get nervous about your test because the sweating of your hands prevents you from holding the pencil!

Many people keep this "their secret". Well no more should that be the case. There are a number of great treatments that can control your symptoms. Although there is no cure, start with this. Look for an OTC antiperspirant roll-on with the active ingredient: Aluminum Chloride 12.0%. Begin applying this to dry, clean armpits at bedtime. Sometimes this ingredient will cause some transient dryness or itching to underarms, to avoid this begin every other night for a week or two. If rash develops, stop and make an appointment with Golden Rule Skin Clinic. In the morning apply "clinical strength" deodorant/antiperspirant for the daytime hours. If you are lucky, within a few weeks to a month you will notice a significant improvement in your symptoms! You can certainly try this on other areas too such as feet, hands, or tummy.

If this treatment attempt fails or your symptoms involve your hands or feet, call us to schedule an appointment. Golden Rule Skin Clinic, P.C. can help! During your appointment, you will learn more about your condition and treatment options. There are a few prescription strength products both topical and oral medications that can be tried. And if you've tried and failed treatments in the past, be reassured. A brand new topical medication wipe is available that has been shown to work great with safety and lower risk for irritation. If all else fails, Golden Rule can help you with affordable treatment with Botox Clinical injections to underarms. This is a treatment that is safe and can be effective for up to 6 months! - International Hyperhidrosis Society

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