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Our Amazing Patients, Thank You!

Today I had time to sit down and respond to our Patient Reviews on Facebook and Google. I am reminded how blessed I am to have the opportunity with my husband, Trent, to provide Dermatology Care the way I feel it should be done. It is not to say big practices that are bustling with patients is wrong. It is not. And they are great as well. In fact, there are certain times I refer a complex case or surgical case to their expertise. It is just the path that medicine has fallen down

over the years due to many factors out of the providers' control. But I am so thankful for the chance to buck the system. I am grateful to do the work I love, in a way that follows my moral compass.

#thegoldenrule Because, that is what all of this is about. Caring for individuals and families. Hearing them. Teaching them. And Helping Them. After all, that is exactly what I would want.

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